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"Successful Business Process Outsourcing helps rising the effectivity and efficiency of your business. As a result it contributes to the overall business success. "



Specialising in new developments from the areas of software and complete systems, as well as software optimisation such as cycle times, we moreover offer you professional consulting regarding your IT infrastructure and provide you with reliable support for you as a customer and for your systems.

The popularity of outsourcing is growing in the IT industry. We add the technical know-how and the required competence, so that your company can only benefit from outsourcing to CBO Dienstleistungen GmbH.



The specialised technical knowledge that CBO Dienstleistungen GmbH can provide, presents our customers with vital advantages, not least in the resulting time and financial gains that your company will attain through it.  

IT, closer system integration and programming belong to our service focal points. In the extensive information technology sector, there is an interlinking of other fields, such as electrical engineering. The IT industry in particular consistently experiences technical innovation.



To keep your company up to date with technical developments and to create future-driven and efficient platforms in advance, we work together with our customers on a company-driven and individual solution.

Naturally, the quality of our services and our client-oriented approach are weighted equally. We will create the necessary IT infrastructure for your company and support you as a long-term, reliable partner.



We as CBO Dienstleistungen GmbH apply the best expertise and technical know-how in our work. We also place equal value on the continuous advanced training of our employees with regard to new technologies and innovations in the market.  

Our IT service offerings are defined by a combination of experience, expertise and teamwork, in order to support the business processes of our customers.

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